Camp Fire Steamed Vegetables

If there is one thing I just can’t get enough of is vegetables! I absolutely love them!

This is just a quick simple way to cook your veggies on the fire while your out camping or on your backyard BBQ.

This is a great way to add a healthy touch to any BBQ.

The best part with this is you can add anything you like. And as much or as little as you need for you and your family.

If you know me if get any chance to stuff my family with vegetables I take it! This is always a winner and they enjoy them as much as I do! I think mainly because they are cooked on a camp fire and who am I kidding here everything tastes million times better when done on an open fire!

On our recent camping trip, I made these for us on the last day using up what vegetables we had left so I did not have to haul them back in the house when we got home.

I tossed in brocoli, carrots, asparagus, red and orange peppers. Honestly though the sky is the limit here, add whatever you like and it will turn out great.

What you need to do!

First take a large piece of tin foil, add any vegetable you want, some minced garlic (about 2 cloves), salt, pepper and about a teaspoon of butter. Seal up the foil tightly allowing no air to escape – set on the grill of the fire (not directly above – but close enough to start cooking) for about 10-15 minutes. About 3-4 times while cooking go over and give them a bit of a shake to make sure everything is cooking nicely and coated with the small amount of butter that is in there. Once 15 minutes has pasted remove from the direct heat and allow to sit for about 5-10 minutes slightly away from the heat to get steamed and delicious! Open foil (carefully) and enjoy!

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