My Dads Egg in a Hole

I can remember like it was yesterday Sunday mornings when I was growing up, my Dad used to take over the kitchen and make breakfast for us. No matter what he made was special and tasty, but nothing stood a chance to his Egg in a Hole! I think he used to make these because I would always ask for a “dippy egg” (over easy or sunny side up) eat the yolk then make some excuse that saved me from the dreaded white part and after a little bit of crying my mom would save me and eat that part. Phew! But an Egg in a Hole you cant even tell the white part is there, so this is perfect for kids or people like me who really are not that big of fan. This is how I actually got my son eating eggs in a different form other then scrambled. It simply makes eating fun!

These are so simple, again like many of my breakfasts I cook on my griddle and breakfast is ready in no time.

You can use white or whole wheat bread it’s up to your personal preference. We like white bread but from time to time eat with whole wheat.

You must lightly butter both sides of each piece of bread, you don’t need a lot of butter as when it melts it will spread. Just pretend your making a sandwich. 🙂

The next step is to find something round that leaves about 1-1 1/2 inches around the crust of the bread. I use this tiny Coca Cola cup I have, its the only thing this glass gets used for to be honest, but it works perfectly.

Now, for the best part, press the cup to make a circle in the center of the piece of bread. That little round cut out is the best part!!! Trust me!

Set the heat on your griddle to between 350-375°F and get it to temperature before placing bread down. Once you have your bread laying on the griddle allow 1 minute or so enough to melt the butter, then crack an egg into each hole. Watch your small round cut outs as they do cook fairly quickly and can burn if unattended for to long.

Allow the egg to get set on the bottom, this is a good time to add salt and pepper if you choose to, then as soon as you can flip it successfully go on and do so.

If you like hard yolks you can cook longer before flipping. Cook the egg to your preference. If you like a softer egg cook less.

Once bread is toasted and egg is cooked to your liking pull off the griddle to your plate and start tearing the bread off and dip into your hole! It’s like a yellow volcano of egg yolks pouring out! Mmm Mmm! That little hole cut out, I try to save it for last but no matter how hard I try I just have to eat first…

I prefer my toast a bit more toasty!


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