Ice Coffee

Life without coffee is something I could never imagine! I love my coffee. I am not ashamed to admit that if i don’t have my morning cup of Joe, I may get a bit cranky – thankfully my husband knows me far to well and always has a hot cup sitting waiting for me when I come wondering down to the kitchen. He is the best!

But there are times where I want coffee, but I want an ice coffee and going to the coffee shop for a ice coffee is just not feasible all the time, we are busy. So why not make it at home? If I can make something like a $6 ice coffee at home for next to nothing, thats what I am going to do!

I love my hot coffee yes, but after I have my first few sips I sometimes forget about it and when I bump back into it, it’s cold, and as much as I love coffee there is just something about a reheated coffee that I just don’t like so I end up dumping it and making a fresh cup only to start that cycle all over again… terrible-I-know!

The other day I was out in my yard prepping my garden for spring planting and it was quite a warm day for the end of April, so when I stopped for a “coffee break” I went to have a sip of my coffee and yuck it was cold, but not ice cold just cold… hmmm, nope, not for me! So as I started my trek to the kitchen to dump my liquid gold down the drain, I got to thinking how much I wished for an ice cold ice coffee on this hot day…. so, I stopped in my tracks grabbed the ice cube tray filled up a cup poured my coffee in and wow, I have an ice coffee! Just like that, it was delicious! I was intrigued it was a hot day and I had not had my fill of coffee for the day yet so this was total a win, win situation for me. Yay!

So, this got me thinking, from now on I can recycle my cold but not bad coffee – but what if I don’t have any left overs and I just want an Ice Coffee? We use a single serve coffee maker in our home so I can’t even use the left overs from the pot. So I tried a few experiments.

Here is what I did:

  1. I tried a full cup of ice, and added hot coffee to it, with my regular cream and sugar. This was good, but I found the ice melted (obviously) when the hot coffee touched it, but the ice did cool the coffee to a perfect Ice Coffee temperature. However because the cup was packed with ice, I found it to be watered down – stating the obvious here, I know, I know – bare with me.
  2. So, I perked a fresh cup of coffee and cooled it down in the fridge. Once cooled I filled a cup with ice and poured in the coffee and my regular cream and sugar. Now, this was perfect! It was not watery tasting, it maintained the coffee flavour right to the last sip with plenty of ice to spare. Now we are talking right! Hmmm, but I have to wait for the coffee to cool….
  3. But, I don’t want to perk a cup of coffee sit and wait for it to cool… When I want coffee, I want it now! I have always loved using my ice cube trays for things other then just plain ice – so I thought what the heck, I will freeze some black coffee. Once the cubes were set, I repeated the process, I made my regular hot coffee, with a full glass of coffee ice cubes this time. And low and behold, it tasted just the way it was made from the first sip to the last. It was exactly as I was hoping for. I had a few left over coffee ice cubes in my cup, that I just added a few more cubes to and made another ice coffee, okay, now we are talking!

Now, I am not saying you can not make this with hot coffee or you have to cool your coffee or make a special tray of ice cubes.. I only wanted to share my experiments that I did as I found the first one to be a bit watery, maybe I didn’t drink it fast enough.. Either way you make it will end up delicious after all it is coffee regardless right!!

You could also add your favourite flavoured syrup if you choose to. I only have raspberry flavour on hand currently and as much as I love raspberry flavour, I don’t want it in my coffee! I did add vanilla extract, as that is what I always have on hand and I enjoyed the hint of vanilla. However, I love chocolate and I think I will add a splash of chocolate syrup next time to make a mocha ice coffee. You could most certainly use a flavour creamer of your choice – hazelnut, fresh vanilla, Irish cream all would be great flavour additive.


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