BBQ Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs

Spring is in the air, and the BBQ has been cleaned and ready to go! Ahhhh ya! In my family if it’s not raining or to windy we are out on our deck having a BBQ soaking up the sun!

BBQ Beef Ribs! Yum! And yum! These take several hours but believe me they are worth the wait! My husband was just talking about them the other day and I couldn’t help but almost start drooling a little! So I sent him off to the store to grab a few racks of ribs for us!

These require very few ingredients which most of you will already have on hand. I like these as well because you are not standing over them watching them, you just let them do what they do best and that is become tender sticky tasty ribs! While you do something that you are good at 🙂

Now these don’t have to be done on the BBQ, they are oven worthily as well. These are also a camping favourite for us and can be done on a camp fire long as the fire is not crazy big and just hot coals but remember they need to cook for a long time, so I prefer the BBQ, but what ever works best for you.

Unfortunately for me, they one day I choose to make these, of course it was just to windy to BBQ as I had planned so I had to do in the oven. Which works for me either way – I got my ribs!

BBQ Beef Ribs

Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 5 Hours Total Time: 5 Hours 15 Minutes Serving 3-4 people


  • Beef ribs enough for your needs, I usually use 3-4 racks for my family
  • 3 cups of Dr Pepper
  • 1 1/2 cups BBQ sauce (I prefer the Kraft brand) I like the hickory flavour personally but and flavour you have on hand will do.
  • 5+ whole garlic cloves, add more if you like a bit more garlic
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon Black pepper and salt
  • 1 teaspoon Paprika

If you choose to do in the oven you can use a regular roasting pan or a glass baking dish, really whatever you have will be fine. I like to use the foil pans only if I am cooking outside so I don’t have to worry about cleaning all the yuck from the BBQ.

These work well with Root Beer as well if you prefer, I like both it’s up to you what you like.

  1. To start pre heat oven to 275F° if using BBQ set on low heat.

2. Wash your ribs and pat dry with a paper towel. Rub the garlic powder, pepper/salt and paprika toss in whole garlic cloves, peel and all and set aside for 10 minutes or so.

Dry rub complete

3. While they are aside time to prepare your sauce. In a medium bowl combine your Dr Pepper and 1 cup of the BBQ sauce. Add brown sugar and mix well. NOTE: Save the remainder BBQ sauce for later.

Dr Pepper, BBQ sauce, and brown sugar mixture

4. Now add the sauce to the meat, cover and place on bottom rack in pre heated oven, or on the BBQ at low heat. Cover tray tightly with the foil or if using a pan with lid use that. Make certain your ribs are not laying directly on top of one another but spread out the best you can. Be sure the sauce is at least 3/4 to fully covering the ribs. If need be just add a bit more Dr Pepper and BBQ sauce.

5. Place tray on BBQ or in oven and leave it alone for at least 2 hours no touching!! After the 2 hours check on your ribs, stir the sauce, ensure all ribs are still covered. Cover it back up and leave alone for another 3-4 hours, you can check them through out this time, once they are cooked to your liking you can move them out of the oven. I do 5-6 hours of cooking as I like the meat tender and falling off the bones. Yum! The saying “slow and steady wins the race” is definitely fitting for these guys!

I should add that these can definitely be cooked in the oven and moved to BBQ later for their final “sticky” cooking. Today I was planning on doing yard work while they cooked peacefully on the BBQ but the prairie winds of 60+km per hour are not in my favour. So they are cooking in my oven and I did house work instead – I ended up having to do the final “sticky” cooking in the oven as well (dang wind)

6. Once they are done cooking, turn up BBQ to high heat, you want it to be around 500°F and let them sit in the sauce out of heat for about 15-20 minutes. This is a good time to prepare your sides. I recommend baked potatoes and homemade coleslaw! If doing in the oven you can use your broiler with a baking sheet or a broiler tray like I am using, I keep oven door slightly open and watch closely so they don’t burn under that high heat.

7. Now. Back to ribs. Once they sat for a bit, remove from sauce, discard the sauce and place on your BBQ or if using the oven, on the the baking tray you choose. Add remainder BBQ sauce and just cook slightly until the sauce becomes a bit sticky and charred. You can add more or less sauce per you liking. Cook for maybe 5-8 minutes and remove from grill. ENJOY!

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